1. "There’s a universe inside of you when I look into your eyes. It brings me back home every single time."

    B. Desvarieux, You Are The Place Where My Heart Belongs (Pt. 2)

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    blink-182 at reading festival 2014 press conference

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    kids born in 2000 never have to worry about forgetting how old they are

    Actually my brother is a december baby so he’s only 13 right now. Fucks with me everytime

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  4. Aaron Paul poses with his latest and very last Breaking Bad emmy at the AMC/IFC Emmy After Party on Monday August 25, 2014

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    Blink 182 perform at Leeds Festival 2014

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    Here’s my shitty colored version of my tomark sketch. 

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    Happy 22 years of love, laughs, and great music guys

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    Remember the 50’s, the good old days?  Neighborhoods were safe to walk at night, men were men and women were women, the long summer days never seemed to end and you could walk hand in hand with your best gal into the local space-time anomaly and never be seen again.


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